Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back from Honduras

I am back and happy to be home. We had quite an interesting but very good trip. Of course, Miss " I have never gotten sick on a mission trip before," decided to get sick on this one. She got a touch of the stomach bug and a really bad case of goingtobenastytomylittlesisteritis. She was very mean to be after that which is very unlike her. Sera and I usually get along well and I have no idea what possessed her to act this way. Anyway, other than her, the trip went very well. I held 3 babies ( one was a year old, one was 4 months old, and I don't know how old the last one was but I am guessing 18 months), I worked at two medical clinics, and picked up quite an amount of spanish. Hopefully, next time I will know enough to be able to understand the sermon at church ( I know how asher felt when he first got home. The only difference was that I had a translator ( my dad) and he didn't) I will post more about it later cause right now I have to clean the quiet room so I will be on tomorow.


Katie said...

Welcome home, girl! Sorry Sera got sick. Call and tell me more about your trip whenever you get a chance! Luv ya!

Katie said...

Hey so are you working tomorrow? Let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey i'm leaving a comment lol u know who i am from church lol i'll ttyl glad ur bck to