Monday, March 3, 2008


I have tons to update on. First of all, I am no longer sick. I had that awful bug for two days then some of the symptoms disapeared such as the headache, sore throat, and fever. I just got over that cough. I am not quite sure if its completely gone but I am just happy that I can stop coughing up crap. It gets annoying having to tell your karate teacher that you need to be excused to go cough. Anyway, Ian is sick again with a stomach bug. He had the runs yesterday and we thought it was something he ate but today, after breakfast, he started with a stomachache and at 12 the throwing up started. He was on the couch, upset because Asher, Ian, and I have a private karate lesson today to prepare for a tournament and he couldn't go. My very nice teacher said he will make up the time. I actually am home from karate and couldn't be more sore. I did 50 sidekicks on each leg. Those take a toll on your legs after awhile. I had four different instructors telling me what to do. My main instructor was Ms. Neff but my real instructor, Mr. Ravedutti, came over twice to correct me. The other two, Mr. Young and " Ms. Rubeno" ( She is 6 moths younger than I am but because she is a black belt or higher rank for that matter, I have to call her Ms) Mr. Young is an older teacher and he only teaches a few classes. Ms. Rubeno ( Nichole) just teased me. She would come over and make sure I flexed my foot. Dancers don't flex. Anyway, Ian is doing much better. He threw up once and then he felt much better. Dad is almost positive that he at something that didn't agree and his body couldn't get it out. I need to get to bed cause I have school and more karate. Another private but this time only with Mr. Ravedutti. I will be posting within the next week so until then. Over and out.
    Manubens kid # 2 

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katie said...

Hey #2!
Been meaning to call you..i keep forgetting! Glad you're better. Keep working hard at Karate! ;) Hope to see you really! :D