Sunday, March 16, 2008

A weekend with the Fay Family

   Kayla is cooking with Mr. Fay
Emma with a certain person who's name I can't say
                                                     This face is too cute for words
   This is the adorable, Noah Fay
Sera and Melanie Fay with Bella

This title fits the post perfectly. I should give some backround info. The Fay's are a family at our karate school. They were the sort of people that you always see but never talk to. The whole family takes karate including the Mom, Melanie. She is a very sweet lady and is a mother of 3 boys but they have adopted another ( not really) I can't get into detail about that cuz I am not allowed by a couple people but this mysterious person has alot of power over me and well, I don't want to make him mad. Anyway, I can say that their oldest ( he is biological) is going to Iraq on either Tuesday or Wednesday and he is leaving behind his parents and his 10 and 6 year old brothers, to fight for our country. So now about our weekend, It started early Saturday morning. We had a taekwondo competition and Mr. Fay and the boys were competing and mysterious person was judging. We were done at 1:30 pm but wanted to stick around to watch Mr. Fay perform. Everyone did well and everyone took home at least two trophies. Asher got 4th in Forms and 2nd in Sparring ( fighting) Ian got 2nd in sparring and I am not sure about forms. I got 3rd in forms and 2nd in sparring and Mr. Fay got 1st in sparring and 3rd in forms. After the competition, we had the Fay's over for some lake fun. They were at our house till 11:30 pm!  Sunday, we were invited to a lake party for their oldest son, Brian. It was basicaly a chance to pray for him before he left. It was alot of fun and I got to wake board. I did stand up for awhile but I fell more than I stood. We were, of course, the last ones to leave at 9 pm so we did a lot of talkin. Everyone else left around 7:30. We saw the Fays on thrursday, Friday, Saturday ad Sunday and we will see them tomorow and Tuesday but they get a break from us on Wednesday only to see us on Thursday again. They are a wonderful family and they are strong christians. It feels good to know we aren't the only christians at karate. I have to go to bed but enjoy the pictures. FYI: Some of the pictures include the mp so if you have seen my other pictures than identifying him will be easy. 
    Adios' for now,

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Katie said...

Call and explain, girl! You are confusing. ;) Cute pictures of your siblings, though.